Our work

We supply communication and digital agencies, internal marketing and design departments, freelance photographers and image agents. Within this network, we have specialised in supplying the automotive business, with a particular focus on cars.

Visualising complicated technical features or concepts is our passion. In the following case studies, you can find out more about the project’s aims, its background, our role in production and how we co-operated with other stakeholders and suppliers.


For the new Volvo V90 Cross Country, we worked with Stendahls and This is Made to create images that communicate the car’s rugged, all-weather character in a way that complimented the brand's Scandinavian sophistication and design sensibilities.


Lynk & Co 01

Lynk & Co is an exciting new car brand committed to redefining our perceptions of mobility and automotive connectivity. We helped them communicate the interior of their concept car and the technological features of their platform.

Volvo S90/V90 R-Design

Created to communicate the new Volvo V90 R-Design, these images balance a classic, sporty attitude with Scandinavian sophistication. We achieved this by focusing on key design features that represented attributes typical of the R-Design line.


Volvo S90

To create images for the new Volvo S90, we cooperated with Stendahls, Superstudio and Adamsky Division. With this wide skill set and a talented team, we worked together to communicate the car's sophisticated design in dark, muted tones.

Volvo V40

The images for new V40 needed to convey its multi-faceted character. We collaborated with Cameralink and Swedish photographer Magnus Mårding to create three sets of images, each one designed to corresponds to one of the car's three versions and intended user groups.


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