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Lynk & Co

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Studio still image


Total of 48 studio still images


We have previously helped Lynk & Co establish its visual identity through supplying imagery for its initial concept car launches. For the premiere of the new production-ready Lynk & Co 01 at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, we received a new assignment. Together with Geely Design we were asked to devise a lighting and environment concept that showcased product design and could be applied as a style template for studio images. Once this was established, we were to collaborate with Lynk & Co to create 48 studio still images using this newly developed style.

This was a project that required all our skills. In terms of its offer, its products and how it communicates visually, Lynk & Co aims to be distinctly different from other car companies. Our studio image concept had to reflect this - our images had to be more challenging and unexpected than traditional automotive imagery. 

To achieve our aim, we created a powerful visual style based on minimalist scenography and lighting for use in a versatile workflow inspired by visual effects production.