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Lynk & Co is a new car brand, committed to stand-out, quality European design, high levels of connectivity and an ownership concept specially devised for mega-city dwelling millennials. We have already created images for the brand’s concept car launches and we were proud to apply our skills to the new brand’s first production model, the 01.

A project of this scale requires a large amount of images – even more so in the case of a completely new brand. Furthermore, a new brand also requires careful thinking in terms of visual tonality as there is literally no history or previous projects to refer to – a challenge, but one we were more than ready to take on.

To meet this challenge, we worked closely with stakeholders from Geely Design and Lynk & Co’s marketing department. During the production phase and on location, our partners were the photographer Peter Gehrke and Adamsky Production.

The images we produced were initially premiered at the world reveal of the new car at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show. After this event, they were used for a wide variety of marketing activities, including publication on the Lynk & Co web site.