Lynk & Co 01 Interior & CMA


Lynk & Co

Production type

Still image and animation


Total of 17 still images, ten animated images and one animation for technology features, along with four still images for interior design


Geely Design


Lynk & Co is an exciting new car brand committed to redefining our perceptions of mobility and automotive connectivity. To tell this story visually, environment and lighting was specifically created taking inspiration from the existing studio environment used for initial shots of the concept car. As well as this, we also worked with the visualisation of sensor and camera-based active safety features used by the car.

As well as creating still images for technology features, we also produced subtly animated versions of these using a combination of traditional cinematographic techniques such as dolly, pan and focus pull as well as high-tech inspired techniques including holographic projection, snapping auto-focus and motion graphics (e.g. object highlighting).