MFX are visual storytellers and specialists in the creation of animated and still images that communicate design and functionality. Our clients include communication and digital agencies, internal marketing and design departments, freelance photographers and image agents. Within this network, we have specialised in supplying the automotive business, with a particular focus on cars.

We are a bridge between the ideas you want to express and the user experience you want to deliver. Our services add and extend the creative value of your visual assets. This brings the viewer closer to your brand and delivers a richer experience.


Our clients share one common characteristic—a desire to deliver a premium experience of their brand. We help them visually convey ideas that are otherwise technically or practically difficult to explain or present. Curious? Discover the stories behind some recent projects.


Do you have a project that may need our expertise? Please contact Sara Lindberg or Ulf Ziegler or call us on +46 732 44 94 49.