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Art Director

We are looking for an art director to join our team of multi-skilled specialists. You lead image reviews with clients and manage the creative team for all ongoing productions. You help the creatives in better understanding the visions of art directors, photographers and designers so that they can create extraordinary images, which are on-point in relation to product and brand. You communicate daily with clients, project manager and creatives, adapting your language for individual situations and depending on who the dialog counterpart is.

We offer the chance to work in a growing business in a fast-paced industry. You will work with strong, global brands in our studio located in the heart of Gothenburg. We love animals, and have a few office dogs that compliment the working environment, so it’s a plus if you like dogs and don’t have any allergies.

Your role

As art director at MFX you spend the majority of your working hours looking at and discussing images in depth with clients and creatives alike. You maintain an overview of each image, animation and other assets produced with a project, similar to how a production manager in similar businesses might work. Your main counterparts are clients’ art directors and creative directors, photographers, retouchers and 3D artists — with which you share a common language used to talk creatively and technically about the images currently in production. Through this process you act as a bridge between creatives, project management and clients. You make sure that all creatives have the feedback, information and reference material they need. Your interactions with creatives and clients primarily take the form of collecting and giving feedback in written and verbal form. You act as primary handler of client feedback, making sure that all deliverables meets or exceeds the expectations as outlined in briefs and voiced by clients during reviews.

As art director you will:

  • Engage in dialog regarding images in ongoing productions, talking about these in depth with individual creatives and the team as a whole
  • Lead image review meetings and attend brief meetings with clients, primarily art directors and photographers
  • Collect feedback on images in close dialog with clients
  • Perform aesthetic and technical quality control of images in dialog with creatives and clients
  • Negotiate and coordinate creative services from external suppliers
  • Deliver finished materials and work in a gentle, service minded way to assure that clients have everything they need and are satisfied with the outcome of each asset and the production as a whole
  • Send material for technical review with product owners, and make sure that feedback is implemented
  • Continuously work to improve all parts of the production in collaboration with project manager, creatives and clients

About you

You literally can’t help yourself thinking about lighting, camera choices and perceived material qualities when you look at images. You speak the language of photographers and art directors, and perhaps even know some of the language used by 3D artists and retouchers. You deeply enjoy spending time with images on a daily basis and can talk about images in a precise and effective way. You have a strong professional understanding of commercial and product images. You are an excellent communicator and active listener who thrives on being helpful through dialog. In all aspects of your work, you have a high sensitivity to when you should take an active role in leading dialoges and processes, and when to stay in the background, listening attentively. You understand the needs of clients and creatives, and know how to balance these. You likely come from a creative job within the fields of photography, retouching or art direction, looking for a position in which in-depth dialog about images is combined with facilitating the work of other creatives.

As a person you are focused, social and creative with high attention to details. You have a deep interest in contemporary image culture in general, and high-end product/marketing photography in particular. You are probably interested in the contemporary photography scene, and might visit art and photography exhibitions occasionally.

  • At least one year of documented art direction, photography, retouch or other image production services
  • At least one year of documented production or project management experience working in advertising/digital agencies, PR or marketing consultancies, film or photography production companies, or other business where you have had a similar role as described above
  • An academic degree or higher education diploma relevant to the position (e.g. art direction/photography/image culture), or comparable professional experience
    Used to independently prepare, present and collect feedback for images
  • An excellent active listener with experience in presenting and analysing visual materials with others
  • Excellent communication skills in Swedish and English, both spoken and written
  • Highly skilled in gathering relevant information and asking follow-up questions during reviews, making sure all information is gathered at the end of the meeting
  • Used to working closely with art directors, project managers and clients at agencies and design/marketing departments
  • Ability to foster optimism in others, taking pride in almost invisibly leading the creative team to deliver on time and to specification, and celebrating the team effort on each delivery
  • It is beneficial to have experience with the automotive industry, but this is in no way a requirement

About us

MFX are visual storytellers and specialists in the creation of animated and still images that communicate design and functionality. Our clients include communication and digital agencies, internal marketing and design departments, freelance photographers and image agents. Within this network, we have specialised in supplying the automotive business, with a particular focus on cars.

Our long experience using 3D tools allows us to plan, execute and deliver high quality visual material. Using this material, our clients are able to communicate ideas that are otherwise technically or practically difficult to explain or present.

If this is you, we would love to hear from you — apply on LinkedIn or via email with personal letter and CV to, label your mail 'Art Director'. We will interview candidates continuously and the position is available from June. Hope to hear from you soon!

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